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Tuesday, 09 March 2010 20:15

Frequently Asked Questions - Light Industrial

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1. Are workers sent from a central location or are they coming from multiple locations? Do workers come directly from home or do they arrive at Prime Staffing's office before being dispatched?
Every worker must report to our offices on a daily basis prior to being dispatched to the account. If a worker demonstrates his dependability, we will place that worker on a weekly ticket and allow them to go directly from home. These workers are required to call our offices every day to verify their arrival.

2. How do workers get to and from the job sites? Do you have buses or vans, or must the workers provide their own transportation?
Depending on the number of workers and the location of the work site, workers will drive their own cars or take public transportation. We also provide transportation with our buses and vans. All transportation charges are included in the hourly rate.

3. When do workers need to be at the job site?
Workers need to be at the job site prior to the start time. This is necessary so that the shift supervisor can get his/her work started promptly. We send our people out to arrive at or prior to the start time.

4. What do workers need to do to be ready for work?
Workers should be alert, attentive to instructions, and ready to work the full shift. We are a hall dispatch so we can see every worker before they leave. If we feel they are not ready to work, we will not dispatch them.

5. Do workers return to the same work from day-to-day?
When possible, the same workers should return on a daily basis. Consistency of workers helps reduce the number of hours for training. Part of our screening process is to determine the workers' availability to work. Will (s)he work daily, extended hours, any shift, or just one shift?

6. What jobs need special skills?
Jobs needing special skills include, but are not limited to: forklift drivers, machine operators, welders, etc. Temporary workers that come to fill these positions should have the proper experience to do the job with minimal instruction.

We have full time recruiters whose job is to screen our workers to determine their skills. There is one full time recruiter in each office. By performing this screening, we can place the right person for the job.

7. How is worker quality evaluated?
This can only be judged after the worker has been on the job. Criteria in this area includes: How quickly did they learn the job? Did they meet production standards? Were they suited for the job? We attempt to send the most qualified worker for the job. If you are not satisfied we will send a new worker that will meet production standards.


1. What are the hours of business for the office when someone can be reached?
Our offices are open from 4:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with reduced hours on Saturday and Sunday. An answering machine is available to leave a message when we are closed. In addition, your account representative has a cell phone.

2. How many shifts does your service support?
We support three shifts a day with qualified workers and can handle staggered starting times for the same shift.

3. When can an order be placed to be guaranteed that it will be filled the next day? Can same day orders be given?
Orders can be given anytime during business hours the day before for the following day's needs. Late orders can be made during the evening and early morning. We make every effort to fill these late orders but may not have qualified workers to fully fill a late order.

4. Do you have someone who will be personally responsible for an account? How can they be contacted and what kind of problems can they handle?
Every account has a Staffing Consultant who personally looks after the account. They can be contacted by calling the office or through their cell phone. They are available to handle any problem and can be contacted at any time. We also have a Customer Care Manager that oversees all accounts.


1.What is the minimum number of hours a worker is paid and billed if ordered, but is returned through no fault of Prime or the worker?
The minimum charge is 6 hours for any worker who was ordered, but sent back because of no fault of the worker or Prime.

2. When and at what rate is overtime paid by the account and to the worker?
All workers are paid overtime (150% of the straight rate) for all hours they work over 40 hours per week. Accounts are billed at 150% of the straight rate for all hours worked over 40 hours per week for the same worker who works for them.

3. What is the company policy if the account wishes to hire one of the temporary workers? Is there a waiting period or any fees?
Our temporary workers can be hired as a full-time employee after they have worked for 60 days through Prime Staffing. After the 60 day waiting period, the account can hire the worker. No fees will be charged.

4. How are accidents and the worker's compensation claims handled? Is Prime affiliated with an approved clinic or hospital where workers can get treated?
All accidents or injuries are to be reported immediately to Prime Staffing. Depending on the degree of the injury, the account will be instructed on how to proceed. Of course, with any serious injury, the worker should be cared for first using prudent steps.

5.What insurance coverage does Prime Staffing provide?
The service should always supply the user with a valid certificate of insurance indicating the workers' compensation and liability coverage. Upon request, we will provide all of our users with a certificate of insurance outlining our coverage.

6. How are rates determined, and what is included in all the rates? Does the rate include transportation, or is there a separate add-on charge?
Our rates are determined by the duties for the job and skill level required. Normally, rates will include all federal, state and local taxes, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, insurance, and transportation.

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